Value Added Products


We differentiate ourselves by providing Value Added Products (VAPs), commercial/industry grade, low carbon footprint products, manufactured from a waste stream by applying one or more technologies from our sister company Pact Renewables’ technology platform. The waste streams we deal with can be solid, liquid, slurry and/or gaseous materials generated during the manufacture of industrial products and consumer goods, which are typically high in embodied carbon and classified as hard-to-recycle waste.


The Pact Renewables suite of technologies and the knowledge of their application areas has been developed over the past decade by a team of dedicated scientists, engineers, and product designers under the leadership of Dr. Aharon Arakel, the founder and director of both Pact Renewables and Impactus VAP. As these technologies are reaching a high readiness level, they are now being offered for the first time as a core component of our advisory services.


We are, therefore, advantageously placed to offer a

techno-economic and life cycle assessment of VAPs as

part of our technology-based waste advisory services.

We believe that VAPs can provide unique values for

different industries. Generating both economic and

environmental value without compromising the

performance, cost, and sustainability of our clients is at

the heart of our business. Additionally, our VAP-based

solutions can support carbon trading platforms in

helping achieve their clients' sustainability goals.


We also believe that for early adopters who

uptake our technology-based solutions we

offer an attractive opportunity for those

looking for carbon offsets or actively seeking

tools to redesign their products for conformance

with circularity.

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