Value Added Products


We differentiate ourselves by providing Value Added Products (VAPs), commercial/industry grade, low carbon footprint products, manufactured from residual saline waste streams by applying one or more technologies from our sister company Pact Renewables’ technology platform. The waste streams we deal with can be solid, liquid, slurry and/or gaseous materials generated during the manufacture of industrial products and consumer goods, which are typically high in embodied carbon and classified as hard-to-recycle waste.


Examples of VAPs we are able to generate from saline waste streams:

  • commercial grade minerals from different brine sources

  • soil degradable containers for agroforestry and minesite rehabilitation

  • soil conditioners for urban and peri-urban farming

  • media for odour and GHG reduction from substrates

  • media for mine tailings stabilisation 

  • amendments for optimising liquid digestate from anaerobic digestion systems

  • media for methane capture and permanent sequestration from cattle farms


VAPs form part of our solution for achieving net zero outcomes by our clients.   

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