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Impactus VAP advisory services draw heavily from a comprehensive technology platform developed to a high readiness level by Pact Renewables that are available for commercial deployment. These technologies, briefly described below, form a core component of our advisory services, as they collectively address the main dimensions of eco-innovation and are a feature of our differentiation in value adding to clients:

  • Sustainability of raw material input for VAPs

  • Generating green products

  • VAP production that is well integrated with core business operation

  • Products that qualify for green accreditation

  • Production based on technology that is scalable, and can configured in modules to fit local requirements

In short, we are experts in providing unique technology-based solutions for converting saline resources to VAPs and we also generate carbon offsetting opportunities using the technology platform at our disposal.

Salpro Technology

Salpro is an enabling technology for selective recovery of commercial-grade mineral products from inorganic saline streams by a combination of chemical reaction, evaporation, and separation process steps, using conventional mineral processing equipment. In most cases, the technology achieves zero liquid discharge, thus converting the impactful waste into low carbon footprint resources for downstream value adding. See more....


Synpotash Technology

Synpotash is a sustainable technology for the production of high-value, variable solubility potash fertilisers and compounds, including anodes for alkaline-based fuel-cell batteries. It is based on an innovative mineral conversion process using conventional processing equipment. As the technology is highly scalable and uses locally available, low-cost feedstock mineral, it offers a cost effective low carbon footprint alternative to potash supplied from large, remotely located salt lake-based projects. See more....

MBC Technology

MBC is a game-changing technology for production of mineral-based soil degradable composites using cheap and plentiful precursor minerals and their mixtures. The technology can advantageously use the minerals produced in Salpro and Synpotash technologies. See more....

CtP Technology 

CtP is an enabling technology for production of composites containing organic fibres (including dry cardboard pulp, wood shavings and crop residues) as a specialty feedstock for the manufacture of a wide range of degradable industrial products and consumer goods. CtP can beneficially incorporate waste CO2 gas from industrial processes as an added sustainability measure with products offering added environmental advantages, including the generation of carbon offsets. See more....

Climedec Technology

Climedec is a unique sustainable technology for management of hard to abate and treat waste streams from its source through to recovery, recycling or disposal. Waste streams treated by Climedec can be in solid, liquid, slurry or gaseous forms including various piles as well as piles or substrates of solid material that generate and/or emit greenhouse gases (GHGs) and/or odours considered harmful to environment and human health.  See more....

How our integrated technology platform works....

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