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Synpotash Technology

Synpotash is a sustainable technology for the production of high-value, variable solubility potash fertilisers and compounds, including anodes for alkaline-based fuel-cell batteries. It is based on an innovative mineral conversion process using conventional processing equipment. As the technology is highly scalable and uses locally available, low-cost feedstock mineral, it offers a cost effective low carbon footprint alternative to potash supplied from large, remotely located salt lake-based projects.


A key measurable environmental outcome of the Synpotash relates to technology capability in using a variety of potassium-rich saline effluents including leachates from municipal solid waste land fills and fly ash mono fills, as well as leachates from fly ash generated by waste-to-energy incineration plants, cement kilns and inorganic effluents from fertiliser and dairy production facilities. For further value-adding purposes, Synpotash technology can be conveniently integrated with other technologies in our platform to produce degradable feedstock materials for use in manufacturing a wide range of industrial products and consumer goods.

Synpotash pilot plant in operation

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