Services we provide

Desktop studies including prefeasibility and feasibility studies. As a supplier of both technology and sustainable saline waste solutions we are uniquely placed to undertake integrated lifecycle assessments and techno-economic assessments on behalf of our clients. We can also support clients’ requirements for independent document reviews and recommendations to facilitate transition of their projects, from pilot to commercial production.

Piloting projects leading to technology licensing, which may include:

  • Process/product optimisation for fit-for-purpose solutions 

  • Demonstration, product market assessments & independent audits

  • Site rehabilitation / Revegetation trials

  • Finalisation of plant design parameters and product specifications.


Contract R&D for generation of site-specific IP, to be owned by the client, which may include development, test work and comprehensive techno-economic assessments of methods for recovery of values from clients’ saline streams, as a resource.

Hands-on training of clients’ personnel for process and product optimisation.

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