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We deliver our advisory services via any of the following arrangements:  


Expert advice

  • Advice on saline water cycle management planning, from design to monitoring and regulatory reporting, including concise definition of saline waste treatment options for recovery of water and mineral products, waste minimisation, and footprint reduction.

  • Sample analysis and petrographic description of sediment/evaporite drill cuttings from salt dome exploration programs, and development of waste brine management strategies for solution mining projects related to hydrogen storage in salt dome basins. 

  • Independent expert review of technical reports related to saline waste treatment on behalf of mining and engineering companies, municipalities, utilities, and regulatory agencies. 


Desktop studies

  • Scoping, prefeasibility and feasibility studies. As an expert in the field and supplier of technology-based saline waste solutions, we are uniquely placed to undertake integrated lifecycle assessments (LCA) and techno-economic assessments (TEA) on behalf of our clients.


 Test-rig scale process/product evaluations for preparing design packages for piloting and demonstration.

Contract R&D for generation of site-specific IP, related to and owned by the client.

By harnessing the power of our sustainable saline waste treatment technologies, and using our deep knowledge of industry needs, Impactus VAP is uniquely placed to assist its clients with reducing their footprint through recovery of value-added products from their saline waste streams and potentially earning carbon offsets.

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