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Impactus VAP, under the leadership of Aharon Arakel, provides end-to-end salinity management across every stage of your organisation’s sustainability journey.


  • Consulting services including independent reviews to engineering companies, municipalities and utilities

  • Desktop studies including prefeasibility and feasibility studies. As a supplier of both technology and sustainable saline waste solutions we are uniquely placed to undertake integrated lifecycle assessments (LCA) and techno-economic assessments (TEA) on behalf of our clients. 

  • Expert advice on integrated water cycle management planning to organisations faced with the challenge of sustainable management of saline waste streams from their operations and also seeking additional water supply in the face of water scarcity

  • Contract R&D for generation of site-specific IP, to be owned by the client.

  • Expert advice to brine mining solution providers on the technology-based options for safe landfilling of residuals from their processes and QC/QA aspects of their mineral products.

For larger organisations with multiple saline waste generating operations, our Technology Applicability Envelope (TAE), backed up by our technology platform enables development of actionable strategies for salinity reduction, comply with regulatory requirements, and embed saline waste management into all aspects of their business.

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