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Breakthrough Sustainable Technology That Turns Waste Cardboard to Resource
Sept 8, 2020


Pact Renewables Seeking Partners for Commercialisation of its Zero Waste Cardboard to Resource Technology

Feb 9, 2021


Climedec Technology Uses Seawater Desalination Discharge for Hydrogen Storage and Manufacturing CO2 Containing Products

May 31, 2021

Pact Renewables Announces its Sustainable Technology Platform for Reduction of Critical Waste Materials

11 January, 2022



Soil Degradable Seedling Pots - Pact Renewables' Alternative to Plastic Pots for Reducing Landfilling 

14 January, 2022

Pact Renewables announces the introduction of plastic-free soil degradable seedling pots to Australian markets

20 June, 2022


Zero Waste Cardboard Technology to Support Product Stewardship 

Aharon Arakel, Bithi Roy, Rubick Arakel, Warwick Madden 

Pact Renewables Pty Ltd, Sydney, Australia

Waste-to-Resources 2021 Conference, Germany 

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