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Mining and Mineral Processing



Whilst the mining industry forms the economic

backbone of many countries, it faces significant

impacts associated with climate change due to

the scale of operations and associated energy

usage and waste generation. Traditionally, life

cycle assessments for mining and mineral

processing have excluded assessment beyond

the primary product (i.e. excluding associated

waste). Due to the lack of relevant information

and data concerning such waste, this has become

a major liability for corporations, particularly those

with inherited legacy mines. Crucial challenges faced by the industry range from the stabilisation of mine tailings, to leachate management, acid mine drainage management and rehabilitation of impaired or contaminated land.


Our Capabilities:

  • Techno-economic and life cycle assessments of VAPs

  • Strategies for tailings stabilisation, acid neutralisation, and leachate control in active mine operations using Pact Renewables’ technologies

  • Strategies for selective recovery of valuable metals and minerals from waste streams

  • Advice on the generation of carbon offsets via the reduction of GHGs and contaminants from mine tailings, tailing dams, and mineral processing ponds

  • Advice on the generation of carbon offsets associated with overburden, excess, stockpiles, and voids in legacy mines

  • Strategies for land rehabilitation via onsite production of soil conditioners and plantable degradable containers, and generation of carbon offsets whilst improving soil health and benefiting the soil ecosystem

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