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Our project delivery team is supervised and directed by Dr. Aharon Arakel, a widely recognised scientist with over 35 years track record in clean technology development, commercialisation, and industry consulting. He has previously advised numerous companies around the globe, including major resource companies (minerals, energy), waste management, specialised car parts manaufacturing and numerous water authorities in North America and Australia, as well as global salt, fertiliser and food manufacturers. His services have previously been employed in assisting companies with accessing appropriate technologies for reducing the impacts of saline waste on the environment and/or improving their bottom line.


Over the past decade there has been an increasing effort, although fragmented, directed towards assessing the lifecycle cost of industrial products and consumer goods, in order to identify opportunities to reduce their carbon footprint. However, the absence of appropriate technologies has led to the cost of waste disposal (or the potential benefits arising from its reuse) being excluded from most LCA accounting procedures. Realising this major shortcoming, and drawing from scientific know-how and industry knowledge, Pact Renewables, under the leadership of Dr. Arakel, has for the past decade developed a propriety technology platform that enables the generation of mineral-based VAPs from a variety of solid, liquid, and gaseous waste streams. Depending on the nature of the waste stream, some VAP formulations may be used as highly functional feedstock for manufacture of wide-ranging products, such as high water-retaining agricultural containers that degrade when placed in soil. Other formulations may be applied for reducing greenhouse gases generated or emitted from a variety of substrates, such as mine tailings, landfills, monofils, and cattle farms. Field trials of a media for direct air carbon capture and conversion into carbonated soil conditioners is currently underway.


Access to this cutting-edge technology platform and Dr. Arakel’s commitment to finding sustainable solutions for our client's waste challenges forms the core strength of our advisory services. Further, our ongoing commitment to R&D and public demonstration of our technologies, and continued input from our expert associates from around the globe to the process of technology optimisation, will ensure that we achieve the cost reduction, performance improvement, and scale objectives of our clients.



Aharon Arakel, PhD (Geol), Founder, MD, Lead Consultant

Josh Leverett, BEng (Hons) , PhD candidate, Life cycle and embodied carbon assessments, waste reduction modelling, techno-economic evaluations

Rubick Arakel, BComm (Econ), Grad Cert (Operations Management), Project analysis and coordination

Bithi Roy, PhD (Chem Eng), Senior process technology advisor

Michael Mickley, PhD (Chem Eng), Senior water and wastewater advisor


Warwick Madden, B.Sc.Agr, Sustainable agriculture advisor


Llyle Sawyer, MAppSc (Geol), Geoscience and mining advisor


Vic Ghevondian, MEng (Proj Mgt), PhD candidate, Sustainable construction and building materials advisor

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