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 Industries We Serve

  • Mining and mineral processing (including tailing storage facilities, mine drainage, legacy mine sites and site rehabilitation projects)

  • Desalination (including seawater and inland desalination plants and types) 

  • Oil and gas (including flowback impoundments associated with shale gas operations and residual salt storage ponds in coal seam gas/coalbed methane production)

  • Energy generation (including waste-to-energy, geothermal energy, lithium recovery from geothermal brines and coal power stations)

  • Fertilisers and specialty chemicals (including potash and energy mineral recovery projects from salt lake systems)

  • Food chain, from production to waste disposal (including cattle, livestock dairy and municipal solid waste landfills)

  • Municipal and industrial water and wastewater

  • Paper/cardboard manufacturing 

  • Petrochemical/metallurgical facilities

  • Biogas generation (including saline effluents from anaerobic digestion systems) 

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