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Industries we serve 


We support the following industries who seek sustainable saline water solutions via volume reduction, product recovery, brine pre-treatment for regulated discharge, or any combination thereof for footprint reduction, including:  


  • Mining and mineral processing operations generating saline effluents with complex chemistries 

  • Desalination, including various seawater and inland desalination processes co-producing reject brine

  • Oil/gas exploration and production from conventional and unconventional sources generating saline produced water and fracking effluents

  • Energy generation by coal combustion, waste-to-energy, and geothermal energy production methods generating fly ash and air pollution control residue (APCr) often characterised by elevated soluble salt and hazardous metals requiring removal and safe land disposal

  • Hazardous waste treatment companies, providing PFAS treatment solutions but faced with the challenge of safe disposal of saline waste containing PFAS residue in an evolving regulatory environment 

  • Municipal/industrial sewage waste incineration operations generating fly ash containing elevated concentrations of soluble salts and heavy metals

  • Petrochemical/metallurgical processes generating various types of brine effluent 

  • Mineral extraction from saline sources, such as lithium and potassium sulphate, which generates spent brine that requires reinjection, diluting and contaminating the feedstock

  • Cement manufacturing operations producing cement kiln dust, often requiring removal of soluble salts and hazardous metals prior to land disposal

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