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Industries we serve 


We support the following industries who seek sustainable saline water solutions via volume reduction, product recovery, brine pre-treatment for regulated discharge, or any combination thereof for footprint reduction, including:  


  • Mining/mineral companies that using hypersaline groundwater for their operations, generating one or more saline waste streams

  • The desalination industry that generates reject brine, the bulk of which is currently disposed to sea or land with minor or no pre-treatment   

  • Oil/gas exploration and production industry generating produced water with variable and complex salinity matrix, the safe disposal of which by injection in wells or its beneficial recycle/reuse by the industry or used outside the oil fields, has become an urgent challenge 

  • Energy generation companies (such as waste-to-energy, geothermal energy, and coal-based power generation) and lithium production companies that generate waste brines 

  • Waste management companies seeking sustainable solutions for safe disposal of residuals from their PFAS treatment processes    

  • Companies involved in development of hydrogen storage facilities in salt domes requiring sustainable mining solutions that will enable product and water recovery from generated brine streams or seeking advice for developing saline water cycle management strategies 

  • Municipal/industrial wastewater treatment plants generating brine effluents 

  • Petrochemical/metallurgical facilities generating brine effluents 

  • Fertilisers and specialty chemicals production generating saline waste 

  • Biogas production companies generating saline effluents from the operation of anaerobic digestion systems.

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