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State and Local Governments



Municipalities and local stakeholders (including state and local governments) create and regulate policies when dealing with issues associated with waste generation, specification of materials, common building design codes, land use, and environment impacts. With billions of tonnes of municipal waste generated each year and the impacts of climate change upon us, the challenge to minimise waste through use of sustainable technologies that enable waste reuse and reduction in landfilling has become more pressing than ever. Governments seek to implement scalable, cost effective and sustainable waste solutions that are acceptable to communities. Such solutions are critical to support policymakers, businesses, and society in general to cope with ever increasing waste management challenges in coming decades. 


Our Capabilities:

  • Techno-economic and life cycle assessments of VAPs for reduction of solid, liquid, and gaseous wastes to support governments with development of relevant policies and waste minimisation strategies

  • Expert advisory and witness services at public enquiries related to carbon reduction initiatives, including advice concerning sustainable technologies for such initiatives

  • Advice on options for reduction of GHGs from government-managed utilities and public facilities

  • Support with development of new building and environmental codes, and advice on new materials for energy efficiency, climate change mitigation, and conformance with circular economy 

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