Odouroff media for odour control 







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Malodour generated across food production and consumption industry is a major environmental and health challenge for many communities. This challenge is well known from household kitchens right across food production chain, including agri-food, poultry, piggery, cheese manufacturing and meat slaughtering and related services, such as manufacture of compost.

One major cause of odour generation is moisture retained in food waste, poultry and piggery bedding material, giving way to consequential increase in odour and ammonia (NH3) emissions and microbial activity, particularly where food waste or bedding material is stored for long time in non-aerated conditions. Major sources of odorous gases are Volatile organic compounds (VOCs), Ammonia, and volatile sulfur compounds (VSCs), with ammonia containing gases being the main component in food production and consumption industry.

Odouroff brand of media for odour control are available in bulk aggregate and padded forms to provide effective reduction of odour in various environments.  The media has been subjected to substantial evaluation of its efficiency for reduction of malodour from food organics and garden organics (FOGO) and livestock farming. To obtain test samples for your own evaluations please contact Pact Renewables at info@pactrenewables.com.

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