Impactus VAP is a Sydney, Australia-based advisory service with global outreach. It was recently established as the consulting arm of Pact Renewables Pty Ltd, which has over 10 years of in-house technology development and commercialisation history, and deep interaction with industries seeking solutions for reducing their waste streams and associated impacts. By harnessing the power of our sustainable technologies, and using our deep knowledge of industry needs, we are uniquely placed to assist various industries with reducing their waste streams through recovery of VAPs and potentially earning carbon offsets.


We believe that we are the most qualified advisory service that is equipped with innovative technology-based solutions for highly challenging saline waste streams in many industries. We draw from the skills of highly qualified personnel, including scientists, engineers, ecologists, project managers, along with Dr. Aharon Arakel, the lead developer of said technologies. Whilst saline waste is widely known as a major source of environmental impact, to us it potentially represents a major resource for the recovery of VAPs in the context of circular economy.

Additional to our access to a unique technology platform, we possess specialised in-house material testing facility and field demonstration capabilities to cater for the needs of several industries seeking integrated services for addressing waste challenges, improving their value chain, and achieving their sustainability objectives.

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