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Carbon Credit Platforms



The landscape for carbon offset generation is

new and continuously evolving. Carbon

trading platforms, as major players of this

exponentially growing industry, employ a wide

variety of carbon removal and utilisation

methodologies. for achieving their client’s

sustainability goals. The agrifood industry is

responsible for almost a third of total global

GHG emissions, including carbon dioxide and 

methane, whilst it only produces 1% of carbon credits.

However, for agricultural carbon trading to work, they need to be effective by adopting Monitoring, Review, and Verification (MRV) methods and standards. However, without exception, this would require technology-based solutions which provide measurable, scalable, and verifiable outcomes, according to requirements of local and national jurisdictions. The end utilisation of removed carbon is very much dependent on the availability of markets to uptake the products formed by various removal processes, that are often applicable to specific land use or industrial contexts and/or highly sensitive to locality and geology. For these reasons, the economic advantages of carbon offsetting are not always predictable due to requirements of long term additionally. Therefore, the importance of state-of-the-art technologies that simultaneously achieve permanent carbon removal and utilisation in continuity are being recognised by industries such as large-scale farming operations and mining and resource industries as a necessary requirement for risk minimisation before proceeding with an offset project.


Our Capabilities:

  • Prefeasibility and life cycle assessments of VAPs that enable removal and utilisation of carbon in an integrated process whilst ensuring additionally within an agreed timeframe

  • Implementation of technology-based solutions that are unique in not requiring drastic change to a client’s existing processes and practices that are involved in product generation operations

  • As our solutions are process driven and scalable, we are in a position to provide carbon offsetting companies with case studies based on our previous projects to provide a framework for design, formulation and costing of new projects for presentation to their clients

  • Support carbon trading platforms with developing and implementing effective MRV methods and standards in conformance with local and regional requirements.

  • In the case of mining and mineral processing, desalination, and salt harvesting operations we draw from our extensive experience in dealing with saline effluents to ensure waste is minimised safely and cost effectively through generation of VAPs and in some cases achieve zero liquid discharge while maximising credit generation from reduction of embodied carbon

  • We believe that our technology-based carbon dioxide and methane reduction solutions are unparalleled in promoting carbon trading practices as a sustainable measure for reducing impacts of climate change through active participation by industry

Our technologies can be applied for reduction of methane from intensive cattle farming 

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