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Most conventional LCAs for industry do not include assessment of waste streams generated by core manufacturing processes. With the advent of carbon border tariffs, industry waste streams need to be included in the evaluation of embodied carbon in products. To facilitate the process of holistic assessment to the benefit of manufacturers, ImpactusVAP undertakes its own LCA specifically on production waste identified in previous LCAs already undertaken by industry. This approach enables us to assess the potential environmental impacts and carbon footprint of our client’s waste streams, and then provide sustainable technology-based solutions for reducing these impacts and opportunities for generating carbon offsets through conversion of the waste to VAPs.


This approach has been optimised to cater for the needs of stated industries that we are best placed to serve.

As shown in the schematic diagram below, we commence with using our clients’ manufacturing waste information as the basis of a pre-feasibility study of applying our VAP technologies to define the best-fit VAPs from the waste. This includes related techno-economic aspects, with reference to market opportunities, compliance with regulatory and ESG guidelines, and carbon offsetting opportunities. The reports of our findings on VAPs from solid, liquid, and gaseous wastes (or a combination thereof) include recommendations for follow up.


Subject to client’s approval, the follow up assessment commonly includes in-house and independent testing in order to evaluate and validate VAP solutions identified as above. The final report of our findings includes an update of the pre-feasibility report, recommendations for follow up, and design parameters for piloting, prepared from data generated during laboratory test work.


Beyond the aforementioned advisory services, we provide technical support during pilot trials and produce independent evaluation reports on the outcomes of the pilot project. On the request of a client, we can also provide advisory services during design, construction, and operation phases of commercial production plants using our technologies.


Likewise, we offer support to carbon trading platforms in terms of identifying carbon offsetting project opportunities based on our technologies for presentation to their clients, and providing (subject to follow up), support with establishing monitoring, reporting, and verification procedures and protocols, where needed.  

Our proposed approach

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We reiterate that we are not offering engineering advice nor socio-economic solutions; our advice on waste reduction solutions is based on our sister entity's (Pact Renewables Pty Ltd) proprietary technology platform, which has been in the making for over two decades of focused R&D, in-house and independent performance testing and piloting of its innovative processes and product specifications.

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