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The Company has since its establishment in 2011, been directed by Dr Aharon Arakel, a global expert in recovery of values from saline waters and wastewaters. Aharon’s first patent on production of minerals from salt lake brines dates back 30 years and since the mid 2000s, his Salpro technology, for selective or sequential recovery of commercial grade minerals, metals and compounds from saline wastewaters, has been highly ranked based on technical, operational and economic feasibility and sustainability. He has assisted many major companies and advised governments in Australia, China and USA on matters related to sustainable management of saline wastewaters and has licensed his patented technologies to entities in Middle East, Japan, USA and Australia. More information on the technology can be found by googling "Sal-proc Arakel".


His saline consulting team includes Dr Mike Mickley, a global expert on concentrate/brine treatment and management and Josh Leverett, a highly skilled chemical engineer charged with conducting integrated lifecycle and techno-economic assessments. The Company uses in-house engineering and chemical testing facilities for its projects.


Side view of Takata Corporation’s 23,000tpa salt removal capacity plant in South Australia for production of high purity magnesium metal feedstock and byproducts from seawater brines using Salpro technology.

Our integrated approach 

In view of recently recognised global water scarcity and considering that climate change has increasingly become irreversible, we offer an integrated approach to address global water security risks from an angle different from that of conventional wisdom.

Our integrated approach offers a practical alternative by:

(a) producing additional water from saline waste streams which are currently largely disposed to sea and landscape, and

(b) using minerals recovered from saline waste streams as a feedstock to produce sustainable nature-based products (i.e., degradable seedling pots, slow-release fertilisers, etc).


Pact Renewables' efforts for onsite production and application of degradable seedling pots were recently recognised through its selection by the US Forestry Service for restoring U.S. forests (under the 1 Trillion Tree USA Forestation Challenge), which was announced at the World Economic Forum annual meeting, held in January 2023.

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