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About us 


The Company has, since its establishment in 2011, been directed by Dr Aharon Arakel, a global foundational expert in the field of sustainable management of saline waste through recovery of values to achieve zero liquid waste discharge. Aharon’s first patent on the production of fertiliser minerals from salt lake brines dates back 30 years, and he was recognised as a Top Innovator at the World Economic Forum held in 2023 at Davos, Switzerland. He has licensed his patented technologies to companies in the Middle East, Japan, USA, and Australia, and has assisted many companies and advised governments in Australia, China, and USA on matters related to sustainable management of saline waters and wastewaters. The Company’s saline consulting team includes Dr Mike Mickley, a global expert on desalination concentrate treatment and management, and engineers highly skilled in project design, implementation and conduct of integrated lifecycle and techno-economic assessments. The Company draws from over 4000 water quality and hydrogeochemical data bases compiled from studies carried out over the past 40 years in Australia, China, USA, Europe, and Africa. The Company operates in-house petrological characterisation, chemical testing, and process/product evaluation facilities ranging from bench-top to test-rig scale evaluations.


Why Choose Impactus VAP?


  • Deep knowledge of all scientific, technical, and environmental aspects related to saline waste 

  • Focused technological solutions, using a proprietary proven technology platform developed by Dr Aharon Arakel (who was selected as a Top Innovator by the World Economic Forum in early 2023) and his team

  • The Company follows a fundamental approach based on saline waste minimisation through integrated recovery of products (water and mineral/metal products) for footprint reduction via cost and carbon offsets

  • Worldwide experience, past performance, and technology reputation 

  • Unique expertise in salt and saline waste studies, established project delivery capabilities backed up by specialised in-house facilities for analytical process/product evaluations to test-rig stage

  • A company that is actively facilitating a paradigm change in the governance of saline waste by industries seeking sustainable saline waste solutions.

Side view of Takata Corporation’s 23,000tpa salt removal capacity plant in South Australia for production of high purity magnesium metal feedstock and byproducts from seawater brines using Salpro technology.

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